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Transformer Furniture: Be ready for anything with the Couchbunker : TreeHugger

Heidi Ledford. 20 August 2013. Are you sure you want to delete this scoop? Yes No Are you sure you want to delete this scoop? Yes No 10 easy ways to be green The Daily Telegraph Some people don’t realise that it isn’t hard or expensive to “go green”. Here are 10 easy ways to get started: 1. Just say no to plastic bags.

Simply enter your Email address in the box below Maximum credit card transaction 100000000 Established for 40 years WG Office Supplies are one of the UKs leading single source supply corporate office products distributors. We are a major brand stockist and preferred suppliers of office products to leading companies of all sizes throughout the UK. Our range of office products includes computer supplies, paper, envelopes, print and print management , general stationery, office machines, facilities management and office furniture. Please browse our products and register for an account to order online with all the benefit of our dedicated online purchasing platform. Customer Support :0845 47 47 843 2013 Copyright WG Office Supplies All Rights Reserved

That’s why the Couchbunker is the perfect item for any TreeHugger home; inside this elegant three-seater sofa is a safe that will protect all your valuables, including up to 30 rifles. Couchbunker Weighing in at 900 pounds, it will also anchor your house to its foundation in case of flooding. In case of fire, it has a two hour rating. Wait, there’s more! The cushions are bulletproof, ” serving as portable, personal shields, will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range.” It’s big enough to work as a guest bed, and is a bargain at $ 6,260. More at Couchbunker Bedbunker


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