Disparity in waste disposal in India and UK

Unconstitutional attack on nuclear waste disposal

This was the situation five or six years back. However, I recently asked my grandfather if this had improved. He said that the municipality has now made a few changes whereby the waste from every house will be collected in one big bin and the municipality will pick it up on a regular basis. In UK, many effective actions have been put in place to deal with the issue of waste generation. The Waste Prevention Programme for England is designed to help businesses and people understand how to reduce waste, use resources efficiently and save money. They have also produced laws which make businesses responsible for what they produce. A range of actions are also being taken to improve recycling and waste collection from households. Reducing the amount of hazardous waste – potentially harmful to environment or human health – is also being taken into account. They are also continuously working to get the right infrastructure in place to deal with waste.

Their extra-legal attacks on the Nuclear Waste Policy Act arent just dangerous, they also undermine the Constitution. So says the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. On Tuesday, the court ruled that the Obama administration has been invading legislative turf by refusing to consider the licensing of a proposed waste repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. This is the third time in two years a federal appellate court has rebuked the administration for trying to kill the repository on nonscientific grounds. The NWPA requires demonstrable technical justifications for abandoning Yucca Mountain; Obamas Nuclear Regulatory Commission doesnt even pretend to have any. Thats because Obamas sabotage of the nations nuclear waste program is all about politics, not science. Yucca Mountain remains the safest, driest and most stable place ever studied for the burial of intensely radioactive wastes that have accumulated at 104 nuclear power plants and at military sites in Washington and South Carolina.


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